Cooperation and Solidarity

Monday, May 7, 2012, at the Red Room of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, was held the institutional opening of the project Educa and were presented the different delegations involved in this project:

– Municipalità di Pemba- Mozambico (Mr. Tagir Assimo Carimo, Sindaco della Municipalità di Pemba)
– Municipalità di Belo Horizonte (Mrs. Macaé Evaristo, Assessore Comunale per la Pubblica Istruzione di Belo Horizonte)
– Comune di Reggio Emilia ( Mrs. Iuna Sassi, Assessore alla Educazione, Scuola Giovani e Officina Educativa)

In the morning there were the celebrations for the naming of streets “City of Pemba” in the Municipality of Canali, Reggio Emilia, and the visit to the Monument dedicated to Joseph Soncini at the Peace Park.

In the afternoon at the Hall Tricolore took place the ceremony of signing of the twinning agreement between the City of Pemba (Mozambique) and the Municipality of Reggio Emilia within the council.

Lots of exciting action, including the Mayor of Reggio Emilia Graziano Delrio: “The signing of the twinning agreement will promote the development of friendly relations and cooperation existing between these two realities.”

Mrs. Macaé Evaristo: “Historic moment, we are now on the cusp of 40 years of cooperation and solidarity.”

Mayor of the city of Pemba Mr.Tagir Assimo Carimo: “The awareness projects of schools, initiatives to support the extension of water mains of Pemba have changed people’s lives.”


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