EDUCA in dialogue with the city of stories

On 1 and 2 June 2013 Reggio Emilia has been the scene of Reggionarra, 2013, the final phase and public event public event of the first EDUCA project pilot action in Reggio Emilia.

The city of Reggio Emilia became for two days the “capital” of the narrative and of the rediscovery of imagination and creativity, with a calendar of events and activities in many places of the city. These many places of the city, public and private, known or unexplored, were animated with the voluntary contribution of about eighty of professional storytellers, many other young at their first experience, some of whom came from abroad, and parents who have given voice to the fantasy of Children . The realization of the event has seen a big involvement and participation of Infant Toddler Centers, Preschools and some primary schools and educational services of the Municipality of Reggio (such as the Balleti school and Andersen Preschool, identified as pilot schools involved in EDUCA Project pilot actions).

Reggionarra helps to share with the city the importance of the educational dimensions of storytelling, both through the possibility of enjoying moments of narration made ​​with more languages ​​by professional storytellers and not, either through the visibility of some imaginative processes of Children who are made as clues to the narratives of adults. The presence of many people of the community involved in the realization of the event, and the presence of young storytellers who have expressed a desire to deepen their research between narrative and pedagogy, further reinforce the significance that EDUCA Project seeks, through its action, to reach. We want to give a strong meaning to the narrative as a key asset to learn about our culture and socialization, a heritage that allows Children to develop different perspectives on the world.

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