EDUCA Project presentation to the Brazilian network of “Educating city”

The experience of EDUCA Project has been presented by Isa T. F. Rodrigues da Silva, coordinator of the project for the Department of Education of the City of Belo Horizonte, in the’ meeting of the Brazilian Network of Cities Educating entitled “Educating City: local actions, global values​​”, helded in Sorocaba , São Paulo, June 20, 2013.
At the meeting has been also presented educational experiences of the city of Santos and Santo Andre, State of Sao Paulo, and Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande. The responsibles for the education of 14 Brazilian cities in total participated in the discussions. EDUCA Project has been considered innovative for its objectives and methodology. During the discussions, the managers present, especially those of the State of São Paulo, asked for more information and asked many questions on the development of the project.

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