Everything is ready for the Second International Meeting of EDUCA Project

It will take place in Belo Horizonte , Brazil, from the next 28th to 30th of April, the second International Meeting scheduled by the Project EDUCA . After the Reggio Emilia Kick Off Meeting of May 2012, the meeting of Belo Horizonte will give again the opportunity to the 3 project partners cities to come together to strengthen and reaffirm, through the dialogue and confrontation, the commitment of the 3 Local Authorities and of the Community in the field of education.

In fact, the purpose of the meeting will be the presentation and feedback to the Local Authority and to the Project Partners of the pilot actions undertaken in the last years of implementation of the Project. It will also aim to encourage Local Authorities to take on a greater commitment with respect to their role in the definition of educational policies, and to promote greater awareness of the role that the community has in the educational process of children.

The meeting will see in this occasion also the participation of representatives of civil society, with the aim to enable an international comparison among these realities representative of the Community.

Finally, on the morning of April 29th, the delegations will have the opportunity to participate in the “National Seminar on Education”, an event organized by the Brazilian government in those same days in Belo Horizonte, during which the Deputy Mayor in charge for Education of the city of Reggio Emilia, will present EDUCA project, investigating the concept of “Educational Community, concept at the base of the EDUCA Project itself.

Soon on-line more information about  the meeting, participants and activities.

Un momento di scambio e dialogo tra le delegazioni durante il workshop a Reggio Emilia del 2013

Un momento di scambio e dialogo tra le delegazioni durante il workshop a Reggio Emilia del 2013

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