Overall objectives:

To raise the awareness on education as a multidisciplinary task: educational policies should be a  community responsibility. Local communities should acknowledge their responsibility towards children in recognizing their right to be considered from birth as “competent citizens”, communities should invest resources in education for the development of the community itself.

Teachers and administrators have to work in partnership with various civil society organizations, considering the existing local cultural, physical and human context as pedagogic resources. Education becomes so a multidisciplinary process involving not only teachers and schools but local government and civil society at large.

Specific objectives:

  1. To reinforce institutional actors, Local Authorities (LAs), on their role in governing and implementing policies for education considered as a  shared community responsibility.
  2. To empower the educational role of communities, (educational community centers and resources including both schools, non formal educational actors and families), developing new systems of collaboration between LAs, schools and NSAs affecting the decision making process/building local partnership for policy implementation with children
  3. To improve quality in education, addressing the quality of pedagogical and educational methodologies used by the communities, involving in the educational process not only the formal educational actors (schools) but also all the actors of the communities (associations, group of citizens, public spaces, sport and health centres, etc.)


The steps of the project are at 2 different levels, one local and one international. The international one is expected to organize

International meetings:

–       first meeting in RE (Kick off) at the beginning of 2 semester

–       second international meeting in Brazil (3° semester)

–       final event in Pemba or in italy (8° semester)

–       International workshop in dissemination in Reggio Emilia (4/5° semester)

At local level we will have the creation of local forums  with NSA and we will also begins with some

Local Actions as the assessment of local communities (2° semester) and implementation of at least 5 pilot project actions in the 3 cities with full involvement of the educative communities. The project will organize documentation dissemination workshops and local dissemination events.

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