ARCI Solidarietà

Arci  Solidarietà is a voluntary association which deals with the promotion of the development and cooperation in different geographic areas amongst which Brazil, Mozambique, Palestine, Tiber and Cuba.

The association aims at promoting activities of cooperation both in Italy and in other countries in support of  situations of poverty, social exclusion, wars, discriminations, acts of violence, usurpations of civil rights, with a particular attention on children, young people and women.

According to these objectives, Arci Solidarietà promotes campaigns , events and activities (in Italy and in the partner countries) in order to support cultural and awareness  activities to stimulate the active participation of the organized subjects  of the civil society for the development of local communities.

During the last years, Arci Solidarietà has been committed in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro e Salvador Bahia) in projects aimed to promote the social inclusion and the education of children and young people of the favelas  (support of projects on graphic arts, libraries, capoeira, music and creation and cultural spaces). Furthermore, in Brazil, Arci Solidarietà sustained the local association Novo Marothino in a project on the safeguard of the victims of violence .

In Mozambique, Arci Solidarietà worked with the Municipality of Reggio Emilia to support the creation of the health center Edoardo Mondlane, the association ARO Mozambique for the introduction of the first semi-public transport (Chiapa) in Pemba, and the association Ancient Fights for the exchanges with ANPI and the creation of a recreational space.

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