Boorea is a cooperative born in 2000 which aims at promoting  the idea and the values of the cooperatives systems, above all in the countries of Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Besides the activities oriented to the promotion of international relations and creation of cooperatives in favour of international system for them, Boorea  is involved in activities in support of the spread culture and supporting the education as a fundamental value of the society. In particular, Boorea supports educational projects, projects aimed at improving the researches and the educational and scholastic training,  cultural events and activities of solidarity.

Boorea  supported projects in education fields, both in Pemba  (School Net Project for the creation of relations between the Italian schools and the ones of Mozambique) and in Belo Horizonte (reconstruction of some schools and exchange programmes,  advanced training in the education field and support to the educational system of the infancy  in the industrial suburb of the city).

Since 2000, Boorea has activated more than 50 projects (both in Italy and in the rest of the world). To sustain its own projects Boorea invests its own resources and funds collected with campaigns, events and shows.

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