GVC Onlus

GVC ONLUS, Group of Civil Voluntary Work, is a non-governmental non-profitmaking association, founded in 1971 in Bologna, recognized by the Italian Foreign Ministry and by the European Committee, which deals with international cooperation. Together with the associations of the civil society, the local governments and administrations, it realizes programs for the reconstruction and the development in different sectors: education, water and reclamation, socio-productive development, management of risk, nutritious safety, health, environment, etc,.

GVC also manages projects of humanitarian emergency with the funding of the European Committee (DG ECHO), of the Foreign Ministry and United Nations.


GVC is a secular and independent organization that since 40 years acts to build a better world, fair and supportive.

GVC is convinced that is an ethic and moral value fight the injustices, the abuse of power, the absence of respect for human rights, the persistence of situations of slavery and exploitation, the dispossession of natural resources. GVC chooses the international cooperation as an instrument to realize projects of development and humanitarian aid in support of the disinherited populations  and those hit by  wars and natural calamities. GVC works with a philosophy  which sees protagonists the beneficiaries of its projects who are the real actors of their progress.

GVC promotes actions of advocacy, information and awareness campaigns on the problem of development, connected with the Italian, European territory and in the Countries where this problem is present.

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