Pemba and the province of Cabo Delgado

The province of Cabo Delgado is one of the 11 provinces of Mozambique. It has a total surface of  82.625 km2  and it’s located at the far North of the country. It borders on the north with the Republic of Tanzania, on the south with the province of Nampula and on the west  with the province of Niassa. The population in 2007 (last national census) was 1,6 million of inhabitants with a density of  20 inhabitants/km2. The province is represented by a young population (42% with less than 15 years old). The gross birth rate (2007 census) is 51.5 children every 1.000 inhabitants (urban areas 38.4 and rural areas 54.2).

Of the entire population only 10% finished  one of the education phases, of which 90% only primary school (which means 7 years of school) and 7% the first grade of the secondary school (corresponding to 10 years of school). In the whole province there are 876 primary schools (corresponding  to 5 years of elementary schools), 276 completed primary schools (7 years of school).

The city of Pemba is the capital of the  province of Cabo Delgado with a total population of 138.716 inhabitants (2007 census). The city is subdivided in 10 Bairros (neighbourhood) of whom:

  • 5 bairros form the main built-up area and they include the 75% of the population (Cimento, Natite, Ingonane, Paquitequete, Cariaco,);
  • 1 bairro  is located on the north coast of the peninsula and includes the 11% of population (Eduardo Modlane);
  • 1 bairro is located in the airport area at the entrance of the city (Alto-Gingone);
  • 3 bairros acquire rural characteristics and include the 12% of the population (Mahate, Muchara, Chuiba).

The primary school of Pemba are 21, deployed in all the neighbourhoods of the city. In Pemba there is only one public preschool (Jardim infantil) in the bairro Cimento. 5 are instead the private preschools (mainly in the bairro Cimento . In all the neighborhood, except for Paquitequete and  Ngonane, there is a communal preschool.

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