The countdown to Reggio Narra started

Storytelling is like traveling – through the stories, cultures, peoples.
Those who travel meet people, identity, objects.
Those traveling chases dreams and wonders of life.
Who travels know, learns and knows then how to tell.
Travel, then, is how to tell.

Storytelling is an act of creativity.

Telling stories is a way of creating meaning, open to the new, to enable dialogue and relationships, to give shape to possible and unpublished worlds.

The stories and fairy tales, in short, help children and adults to rediscover and revitalize the taste for hearing and the pleasure of storytelling, to give meaning and appeal to the words spoken, red, wrote and listened. The magic of the stories and the magic of fairy tales are often the main way to cross reality and fantasy, to meet the life and culture, to know and to understand what surrounds us.

“Reggionarra” is a cultural project that stems from the belief that every person, without exception, has that natural talent to tell, able to transform any small daily occurrence in a creative and epic experience of life.¬†In every person there is a wealth of experience that can turn into those amazing stories speaking of struggle and of the beauty of life and grow.

For this Reggionarra offered to many parents, teachers and citizens the opportunity to approach the art of storytelling, to make them discover that with the narratives survives, in many men and many women, a widespread creativity that is expressed by the word that make it a story.
Reggionarra seeks to revive the narrative as a community experience where people, as in the ancient streets of old towns, gather to exchange stories and tales, offering each the opportunity to transform every place in the city (school, library, courtyard, porch, square…) in a small or big stage of told life.

For the program, further information and curiosity

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