The day of Childhood, the first local forum with Natite community in Pemba

The first of June, day of Childhood, took place at Natite school the first local community forum aimed at discuss about “The benefits of artistic creativity in education”. Protagonists of this event have been young poets, artists and musicians from Natite participating in local pilot actions of EDUCA Project. This forum allowed Children to share with their families and the whole community ┬átheir artworks, created by them during the “artistic saturdays” in the context of “Oficina de Arte”.

This event has been possible thanks to the support of European Union co-funded EDUCA project and thanks to the collaboration between Pemba Municipality, the Natite Music school, the Provincial Direction for Education and Natite Primary school; together with these actors participated even some local associations of youngsters as “Community Capacity Building” and “Yetu Africa”. Here some pictures of the event!!

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